“Moon Palace” by Paul Auster

14 May

Paul AusterAgain we have read a new book by Paul Auster. Our first book by Mr Auster was Travels from the scriptorium and both readings were interesting, though we enjoyed Moon palace more. Paul Auster’s books are so deep and clever that give us a lot of good reasons for discussion. In this one the main subject is the main protagonist’s search for identity

The main Character, Marcos Stanley Fogg, is an orphan and his only caretaker is his uncle Victor who teaches him the value of words when he receives 1492 books as his only inheritance at his death. After a period of miseries and bad experiences Marco is rescued by his friend Zimmer and Katy Wu, a young Chinese woman who will be his lover.

Moon palaceIn the second part of the book we hear from Thomas Effing, an old, blind, handicapped man he has to care. During this period of his life, Marco gets a permanent job and can start his relationship with Kitty Woo. Marco is in charge of writing Effing’s obituary and we know Effing was a painter who lived in Utah and whose paintings were left in a cave where he lived as an ermit. While in Utah he made a good fortune killing a band of gangster and whose treasure he kept. With all this money he decided to start a new life and change name and identity. Thus he goes to San Francisco where he has an accident that left him invalid. He comes back to New York and starts his search for his son who he never met. Marco listens to Effing’s story and feels sympathetic for the old man who he takes care until he dies.

In the third part of the book we learn from Solomon, Effing’s son, who Marco gets in touch after his father’s death. Marco is a professor in different universities and soon we read he had a love affair with a young girl from Chicago, coincidences result that the young girl is Marco’s mother. The surprise starts when Effing found all his unknown family: Solomon was his father and Thomas Effing his grandmother. Finally Marco finds his identity and can start living a new life.

Pilar Martínez-Sapiña

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