“The good Earth” by Pearl S. Buck

17 Mar

Pearl S. BuckAfter Chirstmas break we met again and we were happy to see after so much time. In fact we were glad we had had Christmas Holidays as the book we had to read it was quite long but really nice. We all enjoyed the reading and said the book was a classical as the story told in it was universal.

The good Earth, was written by Pearl S. Buck in 1934 though it is settled in 1911 during the “Xinhai” revolution which finished with the Chinese Empire and started the Chinese Republic. The book tells us the story of Wang Lung, a poor Chinese peasant, and his wife O-Lan. Wang Lung marries O-Lan, a slave, because his family is so poor that can’t afford a wedding. During these early years the couple live in Wan Lung’s family house and their life is happy and peaceful because Wang Lung manages to buy more and more land from the House of Hwang, the rich mansion where Holland had been a slave. After a period of severe droughts the family’s destiny changes drastically and have to go and live in the city in the South. There they manage to survive begging when a new war starts.  Thanks to this revolutionary situation, Wang Lung gets a lot of golden coins and O-Lan finds a lot of jewels, which she gives his husband except for a pair of pearls she keeps in her breasts.

The bood earthWith such a fortune Wang Lung decides to come back to his land and start a new life. He manages to buy more and more land from the house of Wang and he becomes a rich landowner. But as he becomes richer and richer his soul changes, now he sees his wife is not enough for him and tries to find a woman who he can feel at ease with and more according to his new social status. He ,then, meets Lotus, his new concubine, who comes to live in the same house as O-Lan.  This means a big change for her who suffers her husband’s betrayal and dies, it’s not until his wife’s death that Wang Lung doesn’t appreciate her real love and sacrifice.

As a widower Wang Lung can’t find his soul at ease, his children, their wives and concubines are in constant quarrels which make him really unpleasant, he can only find some happiness in her new concubine, Pear Bossom, a young slave who cared for him until his death.

Pilar Martínez-Sapiña

Aquí os dejamos una frase célebre de Pearl S. Buck, ¿nos ayudas a reconstruirla?



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