“The Uncommon Reader” by Alan Bennett

15 Ene

The uncommon readerAfter a nice holidays we restarted our everyday routines and , of course, we met again to read and share our Reading in English.

On 24th was our first meeting and again we saw and talk with our old friends and met new ones, for this first reunion our book was The Uncommon Reader by Alan Benet. The plot of the novel is quite simple, as through a readers point of view the author is trying to understand why readers start reading, why we like some novels more than others, and reviews English literature for the two last centuries.

In fact, the originality of the book relies on the fact that the uncommon reader is the Queen of England, Ellizabeth II. One day while in Buckingham palace she happens to find there’s a movable library at the back door and meets Norman, the kitchen boy, who advises her which books to read. Thanks to his advice she starts reading with such interest that can’t stop. Soon we, and members of her family and government, realize that she is changing and becomes more familiar and understands everyday’s problems and common people.

In the end the Queen is more aware and wiser, something which disturbs her relatives and, specially her prime minister and councellors, as she goes on reading she decides to start writing herself and become a novelist, but she gives up as she knows all she wants to write you can read in books. Which is what the author tries to tell us with this book, the plot is a mere excuse to make readers aware of the big enjoyment reading books brings.

Pilar Martínez-Sapiña

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