“Never let me go” by Kazuo Ishiguro

11 Mar

In our reading club we read “Never let me go” by Ishiguro in February. Again we met and shared our different point of views. This time our novel was a success as most of us liked it and could talk about the moral dilemma the author wants to introduce his readers.

When we start reading, the three main characters (Tommy, Kate and Ruth ) are teenagers living in a boarding school. As we advance soon realize these three teenagers are special, in fact they are not real students but “donors” and teachers are “guardians”. Two of the main characters, Tommy and Ruth, are having an affair but their relationship doesn’t seem to be solid and lacks the feeling a romance between adolescents should have. We don’t know why but they can’t have children and for them sex means little.

When these three students finish school they have to move to a big house where they mix up with other students (donors) from other schools, then we hear about “posibles”. Our three protagonists start learning things about who they are and why they are doing in the “Cottage.” They find out they are donors because they live to donate their organs before they are grown up and their “posibles” are those real people whose replica they are.

Finally the pieces of the puzzle start matching and we learn that they are clones and only live for science. In the case of Ruth, Tommy and Kate there is some differences as thanks to their teachers at their boarding school they seem to have feelings, a soul. Kate and Tommy are in love and want to escape their destiny, but this is impossible, they are just clones and the only reason to live is to give their organs. Kate is the only one who lives and she is the one who tells us the story we are reading.

The author is trying to ask his readers which the limits of science are. Once humankind knows there is a cure for some disease as cancer, are we ready to go on although we know it may have a high price in terms of moral principles ? that’s something, we, readers must answer.

Pilar Martínez-Sapiña.

Este libro fue llevado a la gran pantalla por el director Mark Romanek. En España se tradujo como “No me abandones nunca”. Aquí os dejamos el trailer:

Estos son los libros de Kazuo Ishiguro que hay disponibles para préstamo en las bibliotecas municipales de Huesca:

  • Los restos del día. Anagrama, 1996.
  • Pálida luz en las colinas. Anagrama, 1998.
  • Cuando fuimos huérfanos.  Anagrama, 2001.
  • Never Let Me Go. Faber and Faber, 2005.



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