“The Quiet American” by Graham Greene

04 Feb

The quiet americanThe novel is settled in Vietnam in the years before the war and focuses in the relationship an English journalist (Fowler)  and an American ( Pyle) establish with a young Vietnamese Woman (Phuong).

The protagonist Fowler has been living with the young Vietnamese Phuong when an American CIA agent meets her and falls in love with her. For Pyle the idea of marrying him  is the only decision she can take as he can offer her a house, children and an honest life, something Fowler can’t do as he is married and his wife doesn’t want to give him the divorce.

In fact Phuong is the victim of two men who are fighting not only  for her love but for the political situation of the country. She doesn’t love none of them and she is only moved by her sister’s interests.  Fowler doesn’t want to take sides but  he is sure he would never support Pyle’s ideas of a third force in Vietnam which could be the end to the conflict between the French and the communist in the North.

In the end we know Pyle has supported General Thé and collaborated in a terrorist attack which produced civil casualties, Fowler, who witnessed the victims, can’t forgive him,  betrays him and dies.


Si te ha gustado el libro y quieres seguir practicando con la película, ven a reservarla a las bibliotecas municipales de Huesca.

“El americano impasible”, dirigida por Philip Noyce. Idiomas: español, inglés ; Subt.: español, inglés.




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