Teacher Man by Frank McCourt

05 Dic

Teacher ManOn November 28th we had our second Youtalk Reading club meeting at the Ramon J Sender library. Once again it was a success, and I want to thank everybody who attended. We talked about the book Teacher Man by Frank McCourt. The story is about McCourt´s 30 year teaching career in New York City. I found the book interesting because it shows how he had to come up with unconventional methods to motivate his students to learn. Through his struggles he learned from his students as well. He realized that to be a good teacher, one has to find his own style and to be honest not only with his students but with himself. The topic of teaching was brought up in our meeting. One of our club members is a teacher here in Huesca and she graciously shared with us her own personal experience. We also discussed the challenges of teaching kids and our childhood memories of teachers who inspired us to learn. Many of our readers found it difficult to follow the story, which I understand. I appreciate the effort from everybody. It´s not easy to learn a new language much less find enjoyment in a book in its original text. But the greater the challenge, the more satisfying it is once we overcome it. So, my advice for all, including myself, is to keep reading because reading as they say, is fundamental and worthwhile. I will see you all in our next meeting on Dec 19th.The book is And Then There Were None. It´s a mystery written by Agatha Christie. I hope you can all make it.


Jesse Pereira




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